ACT Tutoring with North Coast Prep

The ACT - a fast-growing alternative to the SAT 

Over the last decade, students have increasingly begun to choose the ACT over the SAT as their standardized test of choice. With its unique science section, the ACT is a favorite among students with strong data analysis and critical thinking skills. To determine whether the ACT is the correct standardized test for you or your student, and to assess the distribution of your strengths and weaknesses as a test taker, we encourage you to schedule a practice test, followed by free analysis, with one of our directors. 

Two months [of tutoring] later, she’d gone from a 60th percentile to a 90th percentile on her ACT. Bottom line: It worked.
— Scott, Parent of Cara & North Coast Client

At North Coast, no matter which standardized test you plan to take, we believe in personalizing your tutoring package down to the last detail. We believe that no single curriculum can accommodate the needs of every student, so we account for a student's college goals, test timeline, and academic and extracurricular commitments when establishing an ACT tutoring plan. 

For more information about our ACT tutoring services, please get in contact by scheduling a free consultation. We look forward to working with you as you begin your ACT journey!