Marin Private High School Review, pt. 2: Marin Academy

Marin County Private High School Review: Marin Academy

In this post, we're going to take a look at another highly selective high school in Marin County, Marin Academy. Established in 1971, Marin Academy (MA) is a secular private high school located in downtown San Rafael, CA. From MA's website: "An MA education is one that pushes the boundaries of what is known today to stimulate and stretch all facets of a young mind, resulting in graduates who are as well prepared as they are well rounded." 

Admissions: SSAT Scores, Acceptance Rates

Standardized Test Scores (SSAT/ISEE)

As a secular private high school, MA accepts both the SSAT and the ISEE; either test will due, but one of them is required in an admissions package.

Here's a snapshot of their SSAT benchmarks. The green section indicates the range of percentile scores one needs to achieve in order to strongly qualify for admission; similarly, red represents a range of percentile scores below the threshold, while yellow represents a percentile score that may or may not suffice for admission to MA. 

Marin Academy SSAT Scores

Admissions Rates

In Marin County, MA is one of the more competitive private high schools (more so than Marin Catholic and less so than Branson). According to and to information posted on the Marin Academy website, the acceptance rate at Marin Academy is approximately 25%.

Outcomes: Graduation Rates, SAT scores, 4-year continuation


Marin Academy, like many other private high schools in Marin County, boasts a 100% graduation rate and a 99% rate of continuation to four-year colleges. Compared to other private high schools in Marin County, Marin Academy is on par with county-wide standards along these two metrics.


Among private schools in the county, Marin Academy produces graduates who boast some of the highest SAT/ACT scores and who gain access to some of the most competitive colleges. According to the Marin Academy Niche page, the average SAT score for the school is a 1370, while the average ACT score is a 31. These scores place Marin Academy students above the 90th percentile threshold for these two tests. 


Marin Academy SAT scores

Academics at Marin Academy

Students reported a high degree of satisfaction with academic life at Marin Academy. The low student-to-faculty ratio (1:7) is an explanation of this:

Marin Academy Student-teacher ratio

Extracurriculars and Campus Life at Marin Catholic

Students tend to rate extracurricular opportunities at Marin Academy highly; the school earned an "A" grade for clubs and activities, according to its Niche profile, with 94% of students and parents agreeing that their needs are met when it comes to extracurricular activities: 

Marin Academy Extracurriculars

Marin Academy Overall Grade: "A+"

When taking into account factors like academics, extracurricular opportunities, graduation rate, college acceptance rate, and student satisfaction, Marin Academy earns an outstanding "A+" grade. 

Marin Academy Score


Thanks for reading the second in a series of posts going over Marin County private high schools. If you're in the process of applying to private high schools, please read our SSAT study tips and take a look at our posts comparing test scores for all local Marin private high schools. Happy hunting!

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