Early Action and Early Decision (pt. III): Timeline for Applications

Timelines for Early Action and Early Decision

In this post, the third in our series on Early Action and Early Decision, we cover the timeline for applying as either EA or ED. 

Early Action and Early Decision Timeline

Steps for Applying Early Action or Early Decision

Step #1: Leave ample time for the SAT and ACT

Take the test for the first time in fall of junior year, continue through junior spring and plan your last SAT/ACT for fall of senior year.

Step #2: Ask for letters of recommendation early

By the end of junior year is best, or October 1 of senior year

Step #3: Request transcripts early

Transcripts and other necessary documents should be requested from your school by October 1.

Step #4: Get started early on your personal statement

You’ll need a couple months to brainstorm, write drafts, make revisions, get feedback and finalize your essays. Start at the beginning of summer to leave maximum wiggle room.

Step #5: Organize your application process

Make sure you’ve got a solid system for organizing deadlines, fees, and requirements. A well-designed excel spreadsheet is the perfect tool for this. (Psst, ask us! We have one!)


So there you have it. If you have questions about applying Early Action or Early Decision, please let us know.