Resources for Creating High-Focus Environments

Distracted once again, eh? Boy, do we know the feeling!


These days, distractions are everywhere. This presents a challenge for students, especially when taking difficult courses and trying to master new material. It’s clear they can benefit tremendously from building some healthy focus habits.


Below is an ongoing list of some of our favorite resources for staying focused. If you’re looking to become a study skills champion, here are some tools to help you along your journey!

  • Marinara Timer - An online timer for doing the Pomodoro method of study (25 minutes of study, 5 minute break, rinse and repeat!)

  • Forest App for iPhone or Android - Plant a digital tree and watch it grow! If you use your phone while the tree is still growing (25 minute intervals), it’ll be destroyed. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Better study instead!

  • SelfControl - An application for blocking distracting websites from your computer. Just set sites to the “blacklist,” set the amount of time you’d like to block them for, and voilà! (Mac only)

  • StayFocused - A Google Chrome extension that allows you to set daily time limits on specific websites. Awesome!

Start with these tools and watch your productivity shoot up while your stress levels simmer down… big time.

If you found this helpful, we have many more resources available on our blog. Check them out!

Sample screenshot of the Forest app in action

Forest 1.jpg

~ Happy studying! ~

Andrew Delman