Study Skills Tips — Getting Organized

Nothing prevents learning like having no idea where your books are!

Many students struggle when trying to keep track of their school materials. Papers get thrown everywhere, old tests are scattered to the wind, and you have no idea what’s due tomorrow. Yikes!

Below is a chapter from our study skills curriculum — Chapter 7: Organization. We include a simple, 4-part system for keeping all that information together.

Think of all the time you could save — think of all the stress you could prevent — if you had a nice, organized, logical way of keeping track of what you need to do! That’s exactly the idea.

Organization is one of the most important study methods, especially for high schoolers facing heavy academic loads and the pressure to succeed.

We hope you enjoy!

PDF of “Lights, Camera, Action!” Chapter 7: Organization

The 4-Part Organization System

4-Part Org.png

Good luck out there!!

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Andrew Delman