The Weighing Machine


We are soaked in the language of scarcity. “Quick, the deal ends soon!” “There’s only a few spots left!” “Hurry up, or they’ll beat you to it!”

It’s true that some resources are scarce, but this is a well-known tactic in the marketing world: tell us that time is running out, and capitalize on the urgency and pressure we feel to not miss an opportunity. FOMO has been alive and well for millennia.  


Share Your Gifts. Relentlessly.

Today’s post is about flipping that around. What the new economy is showing us is that creators and companies who dedicate themselves to giving (not just taking your hard-earned cash) do the best in the long run.

This is an important message for today’s students, who are often told that everything is scarce: university admissions, internships, good jobs, even a teacher’s attention. In that environment, we grasp at opportunities; we try to take them where we can get them.

But what if we thought in terms of giving? What if they best way to find an internship wasn’t to take it via an application, but to give? If you love the work that a researcher is doing in her lab, you could send her a study of potential future applications. If there’s a company you’d love to work with, show them your enthusiasm by giving them exposure: create an amazing YouTube video featuring their work. And instead of starting an email with, “Hey, this is what I’m looking for,” you could start it with, “Hey, this is what I’d love to give you!” 

The culture of gifts is making a comeback. And if you’re afraid that you don’t have enough training or expertise to make an impact… no way! Just get in touch with the people closest to the work you want to do, and let them know how you can help. Keeping taking shots on goal, and there’s no way you can fail.