College Admissions Counseling 

support and guidance with an emphasis on mental Wellness: college counseling the north coast way

At North Coast, we believe that every student has a story worth telling. We've worked hard to perfect our whole-person approach to the college application - a process that begins with the smallest demographic details and doesn't end until the essay is perfect and the app is submitted.  

I had this mess of stuff. Extracurriculars, classes, essay ideas, all sorts of things. Alex and Andrew helped me make sense of it all. My mom framed the essay they helped me write - yikes. But it worked. I got into everywhere I wanted to go.
— Anjali, Student

College counseling begins with an initial, 90-minute interview and strategy session held with the student and their family. In this first interview, we'll review the student's transcripts, standardized test scores, and extracurricular achievements in light of the student's interests and college goals. In the session, we'll work together to identify the narrative threads conveyed by the student's records, and discuss possible next-steps for accentuating strengths.

The strategy session includes a detailed summary of topics covered in the meeting, as well as a holistic written analysis of the student's applicant profile and an actionable task list for accentuating strengths. Next steps, from personal narrative building to internship searches to test preparation, will be identified and planned. 

We bring to the process...

A personability, creative rigor, and attention to detail that helps to nurture the best of our students’ work. Our personal essay guide is used by educators and students around the county, and the methods developed there have placed students in top colleges and universities across the country.