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Guest Speaker Event: How Shame Blocks Learning (And What to Do About It)

Friday, February 1st — 7-8:30 pm
1005 A St, Suite 212, San Rafael CA

Join us with Dr. Leslie Shelton, expert in the role of emotions in childhood and adult learning, for a presentation and Q&A about how emotions — of both parents and students — can either promote or hinder the learning process. With over 25 years of experience in academic support, community education and counseling, Dr. Shelton has a wealth of knowledge to offer parents, educators and students. 

During the talk, we’ll discuss effective tips and strategies for promoting emotional wellbeing among teenagers and their families as they face academic and personal challenges. Parents will learn about the key components of the emotional system, understand what motivates or shuts down their child, and gain insights into how to effectively support their child’s learning.

Event info

Date: Friday, February 1st from 7 - 8:30pm

Location: North Coast Prep, 1005 A St. Suite 212, San Rafael

Cost: Free! (Optional donation appreciated)

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