Teen Life Coaching

In addition to academic challenges, teens face a number of personal, familial, social and developmental hurdles. We are committed to supporting our students and helping them gain resourcefulness, self-confidence and awareness of their personal strengths.

In life coaching, our guiding principle is this:

“Apply your strengths and share your gifts!”

Resourcefulness, resilience and taking positive action are the skills we focus on.

Life coaching topics include:

⁃ Inner Critic Awareness

⁃ Strengths Awareness

⁃ Whole-Person Wellness (Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep)

⁃ Authentic Motivation

⁃ Goal-Setting

⁃ Positive Relationships: Friends, Family, Intimate

⁃ “Comparanoia” (Relationships + Social Media)

⁃ Acceptance & Fitting In

⁃ Mindsets & Reframing Failure

⁃ Mindfulness and Anxiety

- Willpower and Choice

⁃ Passion and Life Purpose

⁃ Future Direction and Career Path

If you think your teen would benefit from support in these areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call.