SAT & PSAT Tutoring with north coast prep

Effective test tutoring in an increasingly competitive application landscape

For all college-bound students, the SAT is a necessary evil of the college application. For better or worse, SAT scores continue to play a decisive factor in qualifying students for admission and financial aid. At North Coast, we've made SAT and PSAT tutoring an art, and offer our personalized tutoring packages to students in Marin County and beyond. 

To determine whether the SAT is the correct standardized test for you or your student, and to assess the distribution of strengths and weaknesses of your test taker, we encourage you to schedule a practice test, followed by free analysis, with one of our directors. 

Alex was funny, encouraging, and a great explainer. He encouraged me to push for the SAT score I wanted and supported me all the way there.
— Daniel, student at Sir Francis Drake High

Standardized test preparation often begins with us administering a diagnostic test. From there, we schedule a one-hour consultation session (often held with parents present) in which we discuss score goals, touch on the areas in need of most attention, and agree on a tutoring schedule. Our SAT tutoring model is simple yet effective. We construct lesson plans and homework that focus on improving weak areas first, administering periodic diagnostic tests in order to recalibrate our focus when necessary. Full practice tests, an essential component of test preparation, are included.   

For more information about our SAT tutoring services, please get in contact by scheduling a free consultation. We look forward to working with you as you begin your SAT journey!   


"I have tried other tutoring companies, but those tutors did not teach me in a learnable, effective way. North Coast Prep is very flexible with scheduling, and has plenty of material for students."
- Sophia, Student