Scholarship Essay Contest:

Let's Talk about Academic Pressure and Mental Health

Academic-induced anxiety, burnout, and depression have become endemic among high school students. According to the Stanford-based non-profit Challenge Success, 12-16 year olds said they were more stressed by academics than any other stressor—even bullying or family problems. In high-achieving communities such as Marin County, these problems are especially aggravated, leading to high rates of suicidal ideation among students.

Yet conversations that take this issue seriously are few and far between. North Coast is creating a scholarship with the intention of starting dialogue around precisely these issues. Our scholarship will invite students to share short essays about their own experiences with academic-related mental health issues. By partnering with local community forces, we hope to give an embodied perspective to the copious data surrounding the challenge of mental wellness in high school academics. 

The contest will open on the 1st of October and end on the 1st of November. 

More information about the scholarship, including the essay prompt and information about our prizes, will be available soon.