SSAT / ISEE tutoring with North Coast

Mastering The private high admissions test

For SSAT / ISEE tutoring, we teach the critical (yet eminently learnable) math, reading, and writing skills that form the core of the private high school admissions test. 

Our work begins with a diagnostic test that provides a rich profile of student data. From here, we can assess precisely where a student's strengths and weaknesses consist, and create a custom study plan designed to support them where they need help the most.   

Through one-on-one instruction, a constant stream of targeted homework, and daily practice drills, we help students master the information they'll need on test day. To build comfort with test-taking, we also administer full-length practice tests.

A word on Timelines

We suggest that students start preparing for the SSAT and the ISEE four months before the test date. This gives them adequate time to address the conceptual areas in need of greatest attention and to build deep familiarity with the structure of the two tests. 

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